Life is always good...!!! You need a VISION to see it as it is...!!!

About Me

Hi, I am Pranav Shah.
I am born and brought up in world's most Wonderful Country - "INDIA"
I love to help people.
And I'll feel lucky if I can do anything helpful to anyone on my life... For that Blogger is a good tool to get more and more knowledge and sharing the same.

I have started this blog to share useful things and to spread POSITIVITY in people's life...!!

My Educational Background

I completed my High School education in Bhuj-Kutch and did my Bachelors of Computer Applications from L.J. College of Computer Applications, Ahmedabad. Finished up doing Masters in Information Technology (Computing and Networking) from James Cook University, Singapore.

Working now as a Web Developer at XtreMax Pte. Ltd.

I hope you would like this blog and will help me to keep it alive...!!
So please friends, send me any article which can be posted on this blog to me at
I'll post it on the blog with name credits.

Thank You for reading this blog..!!

Keep sharing Knowledge..!!

Pranav Shah.